Camvos is an app designed to connect passionate photographers and creatives to meet up, shoot and collaborate in a non-commercialised environment. Camvos aims to foster a community where photography and the sharing of photography is an enriching, constructive and positive experience. The minimal design allows users to showcase their work while providing a seamless user experience. The world is your camvos.
This UI design was in response to a brief to design an app that builds social connections in the physical world. 
The Problem: Photosharing platforms have created a competitive culture that can be demoralising to budding photographers and creatives. What was once a creative platform to share work has turned into a market of quid-pro-quo culture that can make forming authentic connections almost impossible and does little to enrich the learning experience. 
The solution: Camvos aims to create meaningful connections between the photography community by connecting like-minded individuals who want to shoot and learn from each other.​​​​​​​ 
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